GS Oshnock & Co.


Decorating Services Available

Wall covering  Services

Removal-all types

Installation-paper, tempra colors, lacquered papers, vinyl coated papers, Anaglpta-r,

 Lincrustar-r, solid sheet vinyl, fabric backed vinyl, grass cloth, strings,

 hand trimmed papers, murals, foils, fabrics, leather, wood veneers, and  54”

commercial vinyls (12-15-18 ounces.)


Painting Services

Interior –Exterior-Residential-Commercial


Wide range of coatings experience-latex, alkyds, lacquers, 1,2 and 3 component

epoxies, speckled finishes, glazes, stains, and varnishes

 Application methods-brush, roll, airless spray, hvlp, conventional spray

 Faux  finishes – ragging, sponging, color washing, stenciling, graining, and marbling

 Other services

Maintenance-drywall repair, plaster repair, caulking, power washing

 Decorative-spray texture, select interior finish carpentry, custom color

tinting and blending


 Serving southeast Michigan


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